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Arthroscopic Surgery

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Welcome to our Arthroscopic Surgery, where we aim to provide comprehensive information about arthroscopic procedures and highlight the expertise of the best arthroscopic surgeon in Raipur-Chhattisgarh, Dr. Ankur Gupta. With over 20 years of experience in orthopedic surgery, Dr. Gupta is dedicated to delivering top-notch care at Sadbhavna Hospital.

Understanding Arthroscopic Surgery 

Arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that allows surgeons to visualize, diagnose, and treat joint problems using a small camera called an arthroscope. This innovative approach enables faster recovery, reduced pain, and minimal scarring compared to traditional open surgery. Our focus is to provide patients in Raipur-Chhattisgarh with advanced and effective arthroscopic treatments.

Meet Dr. Ankur Gupta

Dr. Ankur Gupta, MBBS, MS (Ortho), is a renowned orthopedic surgeon with a specialization in arthroscopic procedures. With two decades of experience, Dr. Gupta has established himself as the best arthroscopic surgeon in Raipur-Chhattisgarh. His commitment to excellence and patient-centric approach sets him apart, ensuring the highest quality of care for his patients.

Why Choose Arthroscopic Surgery?

    1. Minimally Invasive: Arthroscopic surgery involves smaller incisions, reducing the risk of complications and promoting a quicker recovery.
    2. Precision and Accuracy: The arthroscope allows Dr. Gupta to visualize the joint in real-time, ensuring precise diagnosis and targeted treatment.
    3. Faster Recovery: Patients undergoing arthroscopic procedures often experience shorter recovery times compared to traditional open surgery.
    4. Less Pain and Scarring: The minimally invasive nature of arthroscopy results in less postoperative pain and minimal scarring, enhancing the overall patient experience.

Dr. Ankur Gupta at Sadbhavna Hospital

Sadbhavna Hospital is proud to have Dr. Ankur Gupta as the leading arthroscopic surgeon in Raipur-Chhattisgarh. His expertise combined with state-of-the-art facilities at Sadbhavna Hospital ensures that patients receive the highest standard of care for their joint-related issues.

Arthroscopic Procedures Offered

  1. Knee Arthroscopy: For conditions such as torn meniscus, ligament injuries, and cartilage damage.
  2. Shoulder Arthroscopy: Treating issues like rotator cuff tears, shoulder impingement, and instability.
  3.  Hip Arthroscopy: Addressing hip labral tears, femoroacetabular impingement (FAI), and other hip joint problems.

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If you are seeking the best arthroscopic surgeon in Raipur-Chhattisgarh, schedule a consultation with Dr. Ankur Gupta at Sadbhavna Hospital. Experience the benefits of advanced arthroscopic surgery for improved joint health and overall well-being.

In conclusion, our Arthroscopic Surgery aims to inform and educate individuals in Raipur-Chhattisgarh about the benefits of arthroscopic procedures and showcase Dr. Ankur Gupta’s expertise. Choose the path of minimally invasive joint care for a quicker and smoother recovery.